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About Us

At EverModernHome.com we want owners and renters, like you, to create inspiring small spaces, utilizing high quality, modern designs ensuring people living in urban environments are living in small spaces with big style! Our hope is that you gather inspiration, creation and innovation from our products to create a space you love. 

Meet the Founder, Danielle Knight: 

Hello and thank you for visiting EverModernHome.com. Ever Modern Home was created for your fast paced city life. We aim to provide you with modern, up beat, stylish furniture for condos, apartments and lofts for urban environments around the world. Living in a small space doesn't mean you forfeit BIG style! Danielle currently lives in her favourite city aka. "urban wonderland" (Vancouver, Canada) on the 32nd floor in beautiful condo with her husband and her yellow lab dog, Bella.

When space is limited, creativity and organization needs to be top priority. This is why we have selected modern, multi-functional, small products that will work in your urban space.  I hope that you can make your space feel like home; with form, function and the feeling of freedom. Enjoy creating your home with Ever Modern Home and please contact us with any questions.

Danielle Knight, Founder

Living in small spaces needs to be celebrated, we want you to love your Ever Modern Home so let's get started...click on our logo below!



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