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Add warm, ambiance and style to your small space with your very own FIREPLACE. Our fuelled fireplaces allow you to enjoy a cozy fire in well-vented rooms throughout the home without the expense of installation. These ventless fireplaces ONLY use Real Flame Gel Fuel. The Gel Fuel for our indoor fireplaces comes in specially designed one-time use 13 oz cans. Each fireplace may use up to 3 cans of fuel at a time producing 9,000 BTUs of heat.

These are not gas or propane fireplaces. The gel fuel is smoke and ash free. No chimney or expensive gas hook-ups required.


Each fireplace mantle comes with complete directions and Allen wrenches. The firebox is attached to the back of the mantle using either a Phillips or electric screwdriver (not Included). If you have purchased one of our fireplaces that includes an anti-topple device you must secure the unit to the wall. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or worse. All other assembled fireplaces are portable and may be moved from room to room when not in use. NEVER move a fireplace when it is burning; doing so may result in a fire that could damage property, cause serious injury or seriously hurt someone.

Available in a variety of sizes, our fireplaces are ideal for most dwellings. With over 30 styles and finishes to choose from, we hope there’s a fireplace designed to match your décor. Please don't forget to buy additional Gel Fuel Cans.

About the Gel Fuel

Real Flame Gel Fuel is an isopropyl based fuel that is engineered and designed exclusively for use in Real Flame fireplaces. Using it with any other product may result in serious injury, property damage or worse. The fuel burns without ash or smoke. While odorless for most of the burn, just like wood or manufactured log fires there will be a slight odor at the end due to the composition of the fuel.

Each can of will burn for about 2.5 to 3 hours generating 3000 BTU of heat. You may burn one to three cans in your indoor fireplace at a time. While our fireplaces are not designed as a heating source, the heat produced when burning 3 cans can raise the temperature in a small room by 10 degrees. In a larger room there’ll be a noticeable warming effect.

Please review the following link to read all safety precautions.

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