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Accessorizing and HOME DECOR are your artistic touch that pulls in color, texture and shape into your space.

Here are THREE tips to help you choose your HOME DECOR from Ever Modern Home:

  1. Determine the feeling of the room. If the feeling of the room is fresh, clean and ultra modern, consider sculptures, metal accents and edgy shapes.
  2. Work with the palette and the function of the room. We are here to help, call us for a second opinion. You can add room dividers for function. Try vases and bowls with flowers or fruit to add an "alive" factor to your room. 
  3. Accessorizing and decor is very important and gives the 'feeling of completion' to the space consider art work, table accessories, mirrors, rugs and throw pillows

When you are decorating your small space, whether it be a bedroom, living room or dining room remember to de-clutter your space. Ensure there is white space that allows the feeling of freedom within the space. Secondly, choose your colors wisely. Neutralize your larger furniture pieces and carry the same color throughout the space. You can get creative and have different variations of that color, this adds a dramatic affect. In a small space, it is important to have a focal point, the place where you artistically want the person walking in the room's eyes to go. This can be a statement piece of artwork, accent furniture (new, different, wower) or it can be a bold pop of color in a eye catching location.

The most important thing to remember when decorating with home decor is to have fun. Switch out your home decor according to season, mood, festivities, events and company. Have storage for your extra pieces and swap them out. A great way to easily change the look is with throw pillows, art work and table accessories. Your home can have many fashionable outfits get them here with our modern HOME DECOR.

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