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Let there be light! LIGHTING is one of the most important elements in creating your urban Ever Modern Home.  

There are three types of lighting that you need to consider, to determine how you want the room to function. Here they are:

  1.  Ambient Lighting, needed for the functionality of the room - watch out for that coffee table! Floor Lamps and Chandeliers will work here. 
  2.  Task Lighting, simply put - your spot light. Where will you be reading or needing extra light? Table Lamps will work here. 
  3.  Accent Lighting, think: mood, highlighting artwork, shadow affect...get creative with this one. 

We have a beautiful selection of lighting for your bedroom, dining room, living room and office. We even have some lighting in our outdoor category.

For your bedroom we love the lamps in the table lamp category like the crystal fountain table lamp. If you have night stands, we have sets of lamps that would look gorgeous like the crystal orb table lamp. 

For your dining room we love the chandelier category that has beautiful products like the fine crystal and gold chandelier or the hanging chandelier and the artichoke leaf lamp. Take your pick they are all gorgeous. 

For your living room we love the floor lamp category with the vinyl floor lamp or the copper crystal tripod lamp.

Create your ambiance with Ever Modern Home LIGHTING today.

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