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Everything you do, can be done better, from a place of relaxation.  Stephen C. Paul

In our LIVING category, you will find a beautiful array of modern chairstables and sofas to transform your space into your Ever Modern Home sanctuary.

Condo Tip: Measure the footprint of the furniture you are considering by using painters tape on your floor surface. You may be surprised on what you can fit into your space!

Designing your living room can be a big task. It is the room that is usually at the heart of your family time. Here are a couple helpful tips to think about when designing your living room:

  1. Is there a TV and where will it go? A great solution for a small space is to put it on a wall. This lifts the TV off the floor and give you your real estate back. The TV will be the focal point for the room.
  2. Once you have your focal point. Now it's time to choose your furniture, place the largest items first: sofa (1), love seat (2) and arm chair (3).
  3. Helpful Tip: the best way to design your home before you purchase is to use painters tape to map out the furniture in the space. Remember to map out everything including amount of room for your side and end tables, console table and coffee table.
  4. Now you know the size that you are looking for, you can now decide on colors, fabrics, patterns, design etc. Think about, uses of the furniture...will you be lounging on the furniture, will you be having movie nights, will you be mostly entertaining in the space?  Ask yourself these questions to determine whether you need large pieces of furniture or multiple smaller pieces (add some stools). Once you have decided on the larger pieces then it is time to decorate with our home decor
  5. Once it's all in the basket, Buy Online at Ever Modern Home. You are clicks away from LIVING in your Ever Modern Home. 
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