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Modern STOOLS allow you to kick back, prop your feet, reach for your favorite interior design magazine and get inspired to create your Ever Modern Home

Ever Modern Home Condo Tip: These stools are fabulous to double as SIDE & END TABLES, seating and even elevate your plants off the floor. 

Our LIVING category has everything you need to create your modern, chic oasis of a living room. Incorporating stools into your design can be a fabulous multi-functional way to not only add design, but add seating for your guests and also add surface areas and utilize them for magazines, plants or food/drink.

The Ever Modern Home stools closely cross over with our ottoman and bench category as both are very versatile. We will concentrate on strictly the stools that are designed for sitting.

Here are some of our favorites and why we love them: 

  1. Dewdrop Stool - we love because it is ergonomically perfect for your bottom. It's round shape is very cool, modern, round, colorful accent.
  2. Corinthian Stool - we love in aqua, it's strong design and fabric and wood design make for a practical addition for a foot rest or stool for your guests.
  3. Tejido Square Weave Stool - we love because of it's metal material, funky shape and waffle top. Great addition to an edgy modern living room.

Enjoy matching your stools with your existing furniture or purchasing your arm chair or sofas at Ever Modern Home. All and all, we believe it's great to kick back and throw your feet up as often as possible...but of course, do it in style!

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