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MIRRORS create the illusion of expanding space. MIRRORS are a gorgeous solution for your small space! Don't forget to get a MIRROR for your entry/ exit, this way you can ensure you are looking beautiful before you head out! Isn't MODERN DECOR fun?

Condo Tip: If you have a lot of sharp edges in the space, try a round mirror or vice versa, it can even out the feeling of the room. Here are two examples one of a round mirror like the Glamourazzi Wall Mirror or the one to the left calle the wave mirror. Alternatively, the mosaic rectangluar mirror offers a sparkly angular option for a wall that needs a large mirror.

What is the function of your mirror?

  1. Viewing for face fashion or make up, choose a mirror with a good surface area like the essentials marine blue mirror that comes in four colors.
  2. Wall decor, choose a mirror with small pieces of mirror with either wood or metal to accent like the po mingled wood mirror or the metal mirror wall plaque.
  3. Viewing for full outfit fashion, choose a mirror like the hyde park floor mirror.

Fashionable, chic and stylish your Ever Modern Home is reflective of one beautiful space...nice home you have. Buy your mirror online today...

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