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Concentrate on your work as you sink into your chic modern OFFICE CHAIR from Ever Modern Home. Great colours and selection...see below.

SWIVEL, SWING and create SUCCESS with your new modern OFFICE CHAIR. Share your pictures of your new office by tagging #EverModernHome on instagram and twitter. We love to know that our customers are working towards thier goals in fabulous Ever Modern Home style. All of our office chairs/ desk chairs are modern, stylish and come in multiple colors. We have lots of favorites but one that we work with on a daily basis is the boutique office chair. She's not only a chic modern beauty, she's comfortable and oh so good looking with the criss cross pattern on the back. It has perfect height arm rests and we love the white color - this is our million dollar office chair!

How do you choose your office chair? Well, the best way to sift through this fabulous, modern collection of chairs is to follow these steps below: 

  1. Choose your favorite style first. Ever Modern Home Tip: "Consider, arms or no arms...this is an important decision. Why? Arms can have a tendancy to hit the desk, if the desk is wood, it can have the tendancy to rub or even chip. If you do go for arms on your office chair ensure that the arms slope or have the ability to slide under your desk." 
  2. Choose wheels or no wheels. If you have hardwood floors, wheels are fabulous to zoom from the printer to your desk and zoom back. Ensure your floors are protected, you can do this either through a thin piece of plastic protection or thin (1/8" thick) rug that still allows you to roll easily. 
  3. Choose your favorite color. Each of our office chairs come in multiple don't think you need to stick to black!
  4. Choose your desk. Check out Ever Modern Home's modern office desks and purchase them together!

Have a blast SWIVELING, SWINGING and creating SUCCESS!

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