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Live OUTDOORS and relax in your modern comfortable PATIO FURNITURE. You will want to stay outside and play with Ever Modern Home's great selection. Our patio furniture selection is quite vast with various mix and match options available to you. Here is a great way to navigate this category and ensure you are happy with your selection of patio furniture. Are you trying to outfit a small space balcony or patio? If so, no problem...we have solutions for you. Please see below for our recommendations for your small space balcony in the city and how to maximize your space whilst still being super fashionable!


Let's start summer....

Here are some rules to help you navigate this category and vast amount of items: 

  1. Does your patio or balcony have direct sunlight? This is important to know so that you choose the correct type of outdoor furniture for your space. If your space gets direct sunlight you might want to go for a South Bay Dining Chair and South Bay Dining Table because they will not heat up like an aluminum or steel. You do not need your bottom to sizzle! If your space does not have direct sunlight, consider the Talix Chair in a great color with the matching Talix Dining Table.
  2. Choose items that have names that start with the same words, this means they match. For example, the golden beach collection - includes both the golden beach chair and golden beach table. Purchase as many chairs as you wish with the matching table.
  3. How much space do you have to work with? Knowing and measuring your footprint on your patio or balcony is essential to creating an outdoor oasis filled with the feeling of spacious design. Envision and painters tape your product selections to ensure that they will work within the space that you have.
  4. Mix and Match? Here are a couple options for you that we have put together and why we love them. The Christabel Square Table would go really well with Evo Acrylic Dining Side Chair. Another great match is the Christabel Folding Bar Table with the Clear Bar Stool.

​Enjoy this summer like no other with your quality set of outdoor furniture. Remember to add outdoor decor and solar lights and solar fountains for a complete look and feel. Enjoy and cheers to OUTDOOR living...

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