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Design Service Packages

Want more?  All the Ever Modern Home products that Karla includes in your e-décor will qualify for a 15% savings. You can't afford not to snap up this offer! 

Design service packages
Please note, this is for US customers only. If you are from Canada please purchase your design services from our site.

Compare the Packages:

Finishing Touches Package: $397

You’ve got the major pieces of furniture but your room is just lacking that certain something? No problem, working with Karla, she’ll get a sense of your style and needs and create a beautiful finishing package for you to give you that WOW room.

What you will receive:

  • Your Customized Design Board including finishing touch items such as rugs, lighting, pillows and art
  • Room Overview & Shopping List
  • One Round of Design Board Revisions. After you review your Design Board you may offer up any critiques & ask any questions you might have. In turn, we will update items as needed & provide you with your Second-round Design Board, updated Room Overview, & Shopping List.
  • 15% off all your purchases

A Designer Room Package: $637

Are you ready for a room that inspires you? Do you want to have a space that is curated by a designer where it all flows together and represents you? Then the Designer Room Package is for you. We’ll create your dream room together that includes every item you need for that space.

What you will receive:

  • Everything in the Finishing Touches packages including: Customized Design Board, Room Overview & Shopping List, a Round of Design Board Revisions, and 15% of your purchases
  • All Major Furniture Items needed for the room to complete a full room package like sofas, tables, and chairs
  • A Paint Consult with colour choices for the room

Your Personal Designer Package: $957

Ever wanted to hire an interior designer but thought that was too far out of reach? Well, with this program is for you. You get the Designer Room Package plus a floor plan, paint consultation and Karla is there to guide you through the process to help you set up the ultimate room.

What you will receive:

  • Everything in the Designer Room packages including Customized Design Board, Room Overview & Shopping List, a Round of Design Board Revisions, All Major Furniture Items, Paint Consult, and 15% of your purchases
  • A Floor Plan of where all your items go, done to scale
  • We keep working on the Design Board until you’re happy
  • Email access with Karla during Office Hours for any questions during the implementation process

Want to get started?

1) Choose your package, by clicking on one of the buy now buttons above.

2) Karla will respond in 24 hours with beginning steps

3) Be sure to have photos of your space and basic measurements

4) Any inspiration photos of spaces and rooms that you love

5) Karla will book a time to chat to get your design process started

We are excited to work with you, now pop on up and choose your package. Let's get started!

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